Most theories are at least a bit like religious dogma’s. The strong cognoscenti that advocate the consensus do not allow any variation on the consensus or fight variations. That is good for keeping the purity of the theory, but does not recognize that the natural and spontaneous future of any new integration or synthesis is diversification. That is just the way nature works. Look at the SPT spinoff, the Unbroken Sequence of Origins (see the string of buttons, Spin Offs/USOO, for proof of this.

As a consequence of this recognition, SPT encourages “heresies” or at least what we see as variants on the original formulations. It is essential that there exists a strong population of variants as shown in the SPT-spinoff, the Theory of Emergence for there to occur further evolution of the theory. Here is a place to suggest such variants or to independently recommend alternatives. A theory surrounded by strong alternatives is an example of Strong Inference. And all the stronger for it.