A huge and complex theory like the Systems Processes Theory (SPT) is the work of many individuals. It belongs to no one singularly; it belongs to nature itself. We study nature for patterns. But many different people have discovered, enjoyed, reveled in, and researched many of the patterns of which the SPT is composed. Here is a place to list those acknowledgements, both personal and ccommunal for the founder of SPT and for the future of SPT.

For Example Personally: These people have helped LRT in some way to develop SPT:

  • Friendshuh
  • Rasmussen
  • Tuddenham
  • Banathy
  • Ericson
  • Shelesnyak
  • Dimitman
  • Ames
  • Kramer
  • Suzuki
  • Klir
  • Miller, Hampton
  • Clover, James
  • Grobstein
  • Martin
  • Sillitto

For Example as a Systems Community:

  • Bertalanffy for a lifework devoted to popularizing the possibility of a general theory;
  • Boulding, Gerard, and Rapoport for lifeworks that contributed to recognizing GST;
  • Miller & wife for a lifework devoted to a Living Systems GST;
  • Wilson & Donna for a lifework devoted to Hierarchies & GST; (see
  • Prigogine for a lifework devoted to studying non-equilibrium systems;
  • Odum for a lifework devoted to building energy models of eco- & general systems;
  • Haken & Corning for lifeworks devoted to Synergy;
  • d’Arcy Thompson & Huxley for a lifework devoted to allometry;
  • Mesarovic for a lifework devoted to Systems Biology;
  • Mandelbrot for a lifework devoted to developing Fractal theory;
  • Per Bak for a lifework devoted to developing self-criticality;
  • Ashby et. al. for a lifework devoted to self-organization;