INCOSE Foundation

INCOSE is an acronym that means INternational Council On Systems Engineering. Systems Engineering is one of the newest of engineering specialties. It arose when very large aerospace and other technological companies began to recognize that enhancing the planning and communications and use of knowledge in very complex systems-level design and engineering projects required a deep knowledge of systems. They saw as obstacles the silo and solely reductionist thinking of the many engineering specialties needed to build a complex product. So they began to be interested in other professional societies and theories that deliver systems literacy.

They are sponsoring two of our projects right now. The first seeks to establish an open knowledge base on the Internet specifically on general systems information. We base this on the SPT and call it the SPT Relational Data Base. See

The second project is a spin-off of SPT. Systems Pathology is of vital interest to Systems Engineers as it is to at least a dozen other new domains of knowledge like Systems Biology, Systems Medicine, Earth Systems Science, Synthetic Biology, Systems Genetics, Systems Immunology, conventional medical Pathology, Sustainability Studies and more. So INCOSE is helping us organize and found an International Society for Systems Pathology (ISSP). So far the INCOSE Foundation has contributed $1,500 to both projects or $3,000 in total to hire Work/Study students to help accomplish those tasks.