Test Campuses

ISGE is based on the Systems Processes Theory (SPT) so funding sources are documented on both this SPT website and the IS-GE website to honor those supporting the integrated work. The Integrated Science General Education program created by the NSF grants cited elsewhere under the Funding Button enjoyed multiple awards of support on the two other CSU campuses used as sites for beta testing of the ISGE. These were CSU, Monterey Bay, and CSU, Sonoma. Altogether, the two test campuses added another $xxx of funding for the ISGE program development. Here are the amounts of types of support.


x.  $19,800 at CSU, Monterey Bay for salaries for two multimedia production assistants to help in their test dissemination of ISGE multimedia courseware and learning lab, June, 1995.



It should be noted that ISGE no longer requires the hosting campus to build a computer laboratory for students to use in taking the modules. This is because the library of ISGE multimedia modules exist on the Internet and can be either downloaded or taken in real time on the personal laptops that most students possess in the modern day.