The Federal Cabinet Dept. of Health, Education and Welfare, specifically its Dept. of Environmental Education, supported the Institute for Advanced Systems Studies to explore the use of Isomorphies of general systems theory as themes to teach about the environment at a period in our history as a nation when those topics were higher on the priority list than they seem to be now. Of course, our environment (our nest; our reason for being) will always be as universal and substantial as the Isomorphies themselves and the importance of how systems work as expressed in the SPT.

1.   $398,314 from the Department of Technology and Environmental Education, Office of Education, Department of Health, Education and Welfare, to design a “Set of Models for Training Environmental Education Teachers Utilizing the General Systems Paradigm,” July 1975. (H.E.W. Contract #300-75-0224)

2.   $19,481 as subcontract from Far West Laboratories for Educational Research and Development, San Francisco, through the Office of Environmental Education, H.E.W., for “Designing a General Model Linking Environmental Education in Schools with the Programs of Non-Formal Education Sectors,” July 1976.