TOE stands for “Theories Of Everything.” Our argument in its very simplest form would be since everything is a system, then the mechanisms of how systems work would be fundamental to a Theory of Everything. That is what this website is about.

We acknowledge and concede that physics and the conventional sciences use TOE quite differently. They argue that since all of the entities in our visible natural world are based on the fundamental laws of physics, that a valid TOE must be based on those fundamentals. We follow the argument of many, and even the physicist Weinberg, that this ignores that there are many organizational principles that appear AFTER the physics context appeared. Those additional organizational principles go beyond the fundamentals even though they still remain subject to those fundamentals. Therefore, new principles of the formation of everything are in order and would be useful for the human species to discover. We are advancing a new usage for TOE.

Also conventional TOE is highly mathematical. The candidate isomorphic systems processes we attempt to cover here are not mathematical. They may be some day, but not for the distant future and the LPs even more. So SPT may become mathematical (several have suggested SPT has much in common with Group Theory and Category Theory) but it is not now; SPT is mostly in the descriptive stage at present (as most conventional sciences once were (chemistry; geology; biology) before they developed into more rigorous sciences.

So a systems-level, systems-focused TOE is both possible, necessary, and useful for further development of the human species IOHO. The entire remainder of the 136 pages of this website are devoted to specifying what this new TOE might look like.