Biblio-Research Articles

The primary source for empirical and experimental results that could be input into SPT are the Journal articles in the conventional sciences. But this will require adapting the results for particular systems to the abstracted meaning needed for general systems. We in SPT feel that this will be controversial to the conventional sciences. One of the unspoken rules of the scientific method is that results not go beyond the range or span of the hypothesis investigated or the techniques/tools/methods use for the testing. Comparison across the disciplines is not even allowed, much less seen as desirable. This is why both the terms interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary have been historically avoided or argued against.

We have been collecting examples of Journal articles on all the candidate Isomorphies (ISP’s of the SPT) for decades. We have in our files a total of more than 4,500 such reprints from Journals like Nature and Science. Here is a chart showing that we have filed them by each ISP, and by the discipline they were found in:


This set is merely a tiny sample of those available. Here are some quick searches by our graduate students in sustainability and systems engineering courses for some of the individual isomorphies. They show that even since only the 1980’s there are literally hundreds of thousands to millions of articles from the conventional sciences with the ISP word in the title, meaning they are primarily on that topic. Numbers are so high that they are beyond one person’s study time and we hope will be pursued by crowd sourcing or by teams for decades to come.


We would like to convert these searches to our new SPT Relational Data Base, SPT-RDB and place them in ordered sets like those once supplied by Klir and students and the IFSR organization up to the 80’s. At that time there were very few articles on the Isomorphies compared to those available nowadays using widely available library search engines.