LP Evidence

The citation of the source of the candidate LP in the peer-reviewed, science-based literature journals in the later LP listings ties the influence suggested to empirical, experimental evidence. The natural sciences should accept the candidate LP in the case study cited because it is based on the tools, techniques, and norms already accepted by the science in question.

But that returns us to why we humbly call these Linkage PROPOSITIONS. That is, it is found present in some disciplines, of some types of components, on some scalar levels BUT does not mean that it will be found present at all scalar levels in all systems of many diverse components. This also returns us to one of the assumptions or working hypotheses at the foundation of the SPT: we suggest there is similarity across systems (isomorphies) because of the necessity of achieving system stability whatever the components of the system at whatever scale. This is the crux of being able to transfer knowledge and understanding from one system to another. It is the basis for the general theory of systems modeling. Examination and