LP Lists

Lists of ISPs and LPs are the primary knowledge bases of SPT. It must be stated at the outset that these lists are ongoing and continuously altered by the SPT founder/author as well as by an ever increasing number of independent and cooperative group of collaborators. One would have to inquire the SPT relational data base for the latest in a sequence or history of listings. That data base is explained in a front-end website named:


At present, there are two major types of listings of LPs. These reflect the fact that the earliest LPs, dating back to the original 1978 paper, were simply statements of knowledge gleaned directly from the systems literature (this means the very broadest conception of the systems literature going back to the 1950’s as captured in the work of Klir and his student associates, and the early IFSR). These are not accompanied at present by specific citation of scientific experiments or otherwise documented. These earliest listings do not cite the person who identified the LP, when, and the class of LP it represents. It is expected that later development of the SPT will result in adding the documentation provided in the later LPs for the earlier LPs.

The later LPs are linked to the specific discipline in which the LP was demonstrated (and so its tools and techniques and peer review standards).  It is also linked to the specific citation of the scientific journal and specific published paper in which it was first observed. These later LPs also document the person who identified the candidate LP, and their suggestion as to the classification of that LP. These later LPs are usually contained in Tables organized by one of the ISPs contained in its statement.