Relational DataBase

There are at least two reasons why SPT needs a computerized data base for its research and application experts. First, it tries to harvest the extremely vast conventional scientific literature and experimental, empirical results of seven conventional sciences, each with nearly 500 years of accumulated data. Second, SPT tries to capture 35 info categories for 80 candidate isomorphies, creating 2,800 interlocked clusters of specific data. There is no other way to easily search, navigate, document, and extend such a huge amount of information. We are designing the SPT-RDB to have the following characteristics:

  • OPEN
  • FREE

Because of its complexity, we have designed an entirely dedicated website to serve as a front-end introduction to the SPT relational data base. Our thanks to the Wilson Trust Foundation and to INCOSE (the International Council of Systems Engineering) for supporting student population of the SPT-RDB. Please visit:

and suggest any additions, deletions, or changes you might need or want or think others will need. Send the suggestions to [email protected]