By LPs

This is a clustering by the Linkages connected to a particular ISP or self-defined group of ISP’s. Since there are different “types” of LP, one can use these different types to pick out only several of the same type or combo of types for any one clustering. That both gives more meaning to the linkages, and more meaning to the Isomorphy itself.

One of the SGSR/ISSS Founders, neurobiologist Ralph Gerard, used to call this a part of his definition of Entitation (what I call one of the lost Four E’s). Entitation states that what we think of as any one particular “entity” in nature or humankind, doesn’t actually stop at the boundary evident between the entity (its structure) and its environment but must also include ALL of the influences coming into and going out from the entity. It is a basic recognition that the dynamics of an entity are as important as its static structure. Here is one of the original papers by Gerard on Entitation: