ISP Evidence

This is a crucial element missing in many past general theories of systems. Comparisons are too often left at the level of assumption and description without systematic testing. Using our concepts of identifying all of the hierarchical scale levels from the origins of the universe to the origin of societies, and coupling this with a recognition of the classification of traditional disciplines, we are charting where a particular pattern is present and where not. So we test isomorphy. Universal isomorphy may be rare, so it would be very useful to record where each has been experimentally observed and where not. The result will be “ranges of validity” for each candidate process, pattern, and pathology. We have presented, for example, a comparative analysis of cycles as an SP showing consistency of ID Features and Functions across 52 case studies from all science disciplines and many social science domains to exemplify “proof of isomorphy.” We intend to do this for all candidate isomorphies.