Systems Pathology

Systems Pathology is the conscious, self-aware effort to bring together more than a dozen separate disciplines/domains that really are concerned or inhibited by dysfunctions on the systems level. We hope to bring them together so they can: (1) recognize that their seemingly different dysfunctions have much in common; (2) transfer models and key knowledge bases from one to the other; (3) cross-communicate better; (4) learn from the mistakes and adopt the successes (traditions of etiology, identifying & naming dysfunctions,  symptomology, diagnoses, treatments, follow up of treatments, etc.) of our 2,000 year old medicine which also looks at systems pathologies; (5) create platforms (Working Groups; Bulletins, Journals, Yearbooks, Conference series) that allow them to maintain close and frequent contact with each other.

This spin-off of SPT has developed its own professional society, conference papers, and publications as captured in an entirely different website. Go To: