Comparing use of terms across disciplines reveals that some disciplines have discovered a systems-level process in their domain particulars or phenomenon that is also found in other disciplines and both have given this same process different names. The result is jargon or discipline-dependent names for the same abstracted, isomorphic process. We coined these terms “discinyms” (disciplinary-based synonyms) to increase awareness of the obstacle they cause to clear communication across stovepipe or silo-based reductionist disciplines. Lack of awareness of the underlying similarities beneath the particular jargon terms contributes mightily to the lasting failure to agree on the isomorphic status of that underlying similar process. SPT provides tables of discinyms to raise awareness in specialists of the universality of certain processes. An opposite obstacle is conflation of terms that are actually different. For example, conflating terms such as evolution & emergence, or development & evolution. A consensus general theory of systems like SPT may help discriminate between use of these currently promiscuous terms