Future Research

A good theory is recognizable by the answerable questions it enables in the minds of its proponents and critics. Opposite the natural human tendency for finality and completion, science as it grows is instead characterized by a useful metaphor: an inflating balloon (as the balloon inflates its surface area increases; if you consider the expanding knowledge we know about nature as the interior of the balloon, then the progress of science expands the interior, and that automatically expands the surface area; as our knowledge increases, the number of our answerable questions expands also into an ever-increasing number of new questions.

There are also unresolved islands of bafflement in theories that should attract future work. Sometimes exploration of these leads to entirely new insights and paradigms. We would want any participant in the SPT project to continuously be hyper aware of (and record for others) new questions that arise in studying systems processes and pathologies (just like Isaac Newton famously kept adding better and better questions in his early notebooks). This is also similar to  the time-honored success in mathematics of famous conjectures, there should be a similar tradition in SPT. In fact, this author once suggested a paper on xxxx that mimics what xxx did for mathematics in his famous xxxx.