Systems Mimicry

This spin-off relies on recognizing in detail the mechanics of HOW SYSTEMS WORK in order to better apply those regularities to designing new systems or caring for established systems, at natural and human-levels. Systems mimicry argues that it is not necessary or logical to restrict our study or imitation of solutions produced by evolution in bio systems because there has also been a long-term selection for sustainability IN ALL NATURAL SYSTEMS. SysPath is a recognition of the importance and many successes of biomimicry. SysPath borrows many of the techniques and tools from biomimicry. In fact, we encourage you to look at the following example of a strong website on the many facets of biomimicry in human invention.: See:

“Sysinformatics & Systems Mimicry: New Fields Emerging from a “Science” of Systems Processes Engineering.” Procedia Computer Science, Volume 28, 2014, Pages 663-671.